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Pneumatic Liquid Filling Machine

Vertical image of filling machine in hon

HS Machinery semi-automatic pneumatic filling machines;


HS01  10 - 150ml 

HS02  20 - 300ml 

HS03  50 - 600ml 

HS04  200 -1200ml 

HS05  500 - 2500ml 

HS06  1000 - 5000ml


Tabletop piston filling machines with hoppers for liquid and viscous products.


The dispenser has a dosage range of 10-5000 ml. It is designed to fill products from various kinds of viscosities and has about 15 liter capacity loading hopper. The dosage range can be changed easily between allowed value with mechanical setting. The filling machines are a very compact and lightweight tabletop made of stainless steel. It has an electrical pedal to start the dosage process, it can also work on automatic mode. The dispenser is used in filling / dispensing process of various liquids and paste-like products such as vegetable oils, various sauces, creams, gels, emulsion solutions, etc. An air compressor must be attached.




*high accuracy of dosing;

*dosages thick and viscous products;

*adjustable filling time and filling volume;

*ease in operation and reliability;

*simplicity in design;

*made of stainless steel.


Fields of use:


*food production;

*chemical industry;

*paint and varnish production;

*cosmetics production;


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