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About Us

As HS Machinery, which continues to provide trouble free service with many types of different machines such as filling, cap tightening and labeling machines since 2004, we provide you, our dear customers with economic, quality and solution-oriented product supply.

We also offer the best quality products of the market with tempting price options in terms of labeling machines and filling lines, as well as filling machines, cap feeding and cap tightening machines that are within our company which continues to operate successfully in its sector for years.

As HS Machinery, where you can get complete turkey chemical or food factory services trustfully, we bring the ideal solutions for all your needs about the industry and manufacturing sector to your doorstep, with imported machine products we provided from countries that made a name for themselves in this sector, such as China and Europe. We export each and every one of our high-quality machines to countries such as Ukraine, Kosova and Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Iran, Bulgaria and Iraq.

You can also choose HS Machinery for your professional and economical filling, labeling or tightening machine needs; thus you can get unconditional technical support from our experienced mechanical engineer teammates on product delivery or any kind of malfunction. With HS Machinery, the right address of quality in the machine industry, you can have state of the art technology devices and enjoy getting an ideal service in terms of price-performance.

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