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Electric Liquid Filling Machine

HS Machinery electrical liquid filling machines allow liquid filling between

3 ml – 30 ml,

50 ml – 5 liters

100 ml – 10 liters easily without causing any problems.


As its fully a self-priming machine, simply dropping the suction hose to the tank or canister that is to be filled is sufficient. After this step, the filling machine’s hose with its strong suction will suck the liquid in and will be able to transfer it to the product bottles that need to be filled. 


Another advantage of the HS Machinery electrical liquid filling machines is that they are devices which absolutely do not require a compressor. This device that only uses electrical energy to work can be considered quite practical when viewed from this aspect. The biggest feature of the liquid filling machine is that it allows users to adjust the settings quickly and use their devices as soon as possible with its easy-to-use interface and menus. The liquid filling machine, which has two different working settings, can be operated by users who wish by a pedal, the other users who wish to use it automatically can choose to at predetermined time periods.


Advantages of The Electrical Filling Machines


Electrical filling machines which enable filling with a completely sterile method without allowing any bacteria or germs, are one of the highly advantageous device options by being programmable. Electrical filling machines which can be suggested to all small or large companies in need of a filling machine both reliable and healthy, are also highly appreciated for their ease of use and adjustable filling time capabilities.

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