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Electric Liquid Filling Machine

HS Machine electric liquid filling machines 3 ml - 4000 ml, 50 ml - 5 liters and 100 ml - 10 liters between the problem allows easy liquid filling without any problems.



The machine's memory also saves up to 5 different weights, allowing users to refill liquids on any unit of their choice.



HS Machine The most important benefit of electric liquid filling machines; filling all kinds of products to be filled in the memory and without any need to make any new settings during product changes in the memory continues to fill. Thus, product owners can have the opportunity to switch products quickly and easily.



As it is a fully self-priming machine, it is enough to leave the suction hose only to the tank or the container where it is desired to fill with liquid. After this stage, the hose of the filling machine with its strong suction will be able to transfer the liquid into the product bottles which need to be filled into it.



Another advantage of the HS Machine electric liquid filling machines is that they are absolutely no compressors. In this respect, the device that uses only electrical energy can be considered a very practical tool. The most important feature of the liquid filling machine is its user-friendly interface and menus, allowing users to quickly set up and use their devices as soon as possible. Users who wish to use the liquid filling machine with two different working settings can work with the pedal, while the users can choose to use them automatically in the time intervals they have previously determined.



All of the electric liquid filling machines are guaranteed against all defects caused by fabrication for 2 years and therefore, they are very satisfied with the device owners thanks to very suitable spare parts prices in case of any failure. Thanks to the corrosion resistant body part and silicone hose with antibacterial feature, it is possible to fill many liquid products such as beverages, cologne, shampoos, medicines, cleaning products and similar with liquid liquid filling machines completely suitable for GMP conditions.



Advantages of Electric Filling Machines



Electric filling machines, which allow filling with a completely sterile method without allowing the entry of bacteria or germs in any way, are also very advantageous device options because they are programmable. The electric filling machines, which can be recommended to all small or large companies that need a safe and healthy filling machine, are also appreciated for their ease of use and adjustable filling time.

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