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Mixer Boilers


Mixer boilers are mostly used in food and chemical industry. Mixer boilers vary according to the material to be produced. It is also preferred with heating and cooling system. Of course, you can choose one of both according to the area and the material to be used. stainless steel is the most important feature. HS MACHINE certified stainless steel is used in the delivery of this certificate to our customers as a file.


Now, we leave the structure of the boiler behind and leave the structure of the boiler. It provides a flow of liquid with a rotating propeller in the boilers. And there is a wall around the propeller. This wall provides the flow of liquid and sends the liquid to the bottom of the boiler. Thus, the wall liquid remains inside the boiler and the liquid The liquid is directed to the bottom of the boiler while the liquid is directed upwards from the bottom of the boiler.


And then the liquid moves again to the bottom of the boiler surface. Thanks to this loop, the liquid is mixed very well in HS MAKİNA mixing boilers.


In addition, the mixture is divided into two types of boilers, both macro and micro. The micro mixture is a technology that mixes the smallest substances and these small materials perfectly. The macro homogenizes the best in whatever is the size of the boiler. But if you say you want to reach perfection


You can make the best of both macro and micro mixture.


Jetstream mixers do not rotate the liquid content in the boiler in one way. Also, there are no defects such as sedimentation and sedimentation in the suspensions and other areas. No air intake from the surface and a homogeneous mixture. We also provide a more hygienic structure. HS MACHINE jetstream boilers are mostly used in chemical and pharmaceutical industry and they are frequently seen in food industry.

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