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Toilet Paper Machine

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Cylinder box wet wipes have already taken their place among the basic needs due to the advantages they provide in terms of both practical use and hygiene. It is a product that we use in homes, workplaces, social areas, travels, in short, everywhere. The fact that it is advantageous in many ways is the main reason why the product is often preferred.


Advantages of Wet Wipes with Cylinder Box; Wet wipes are available in many types for practical hand cleaning and personal care in terms of content, size and usage. However, the most preferred are wet wipes with a cylinder box. Because the use of wet wipes with special cylinder boxes is easier than other products. In emergency situations, it is possible to take the wet wipes from the box quickly and hygienically. It is more preferred especially for use in babies. Necessary wet wipes can be taken from the box and after the cover is closed again, other wipes can be protected without damaging their tissues and drying. It is also easier to carry in a bag.


Machines with different technical features are professional products for cylinder box wet wipes cutting. Maximum quality products are created with machines with superior technical features. Cutting failure risk is minimal. Size adjustment can be made on the machines to cut wet wipes in desired sizes. The technical features of the machines are of great importance in cutting the products without being crushed and damaged. Wet wipe cutting machines with cylinder boxes with the latest technical features are equipped with a professional cutting system. All surfaces that come into contact with the product are stainless. All settings from the blade cutting speed to the length and length of the machines are made on the touch screen.

Designed to run the production process without active interruption, the machines are ideal for the production of roller box wet wipes. While wet wipes with cylinder boxes are very important due to their advantageous usage properties, machines are equally important in bringing the products to their users in a hygienic state after a quality production process.

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